Goshen College Bans National Anthem

This story has controversy on several levels. Goshen College is a Mennonite college in Indiana. A few months ago they decided to stop playing the "Star Spangled Banner" at its sporting events. You see, they only recently started the practice of playing the song. Now, college officials say that due to the violent nature of the song, they will no longer play the song. It's been banned. It has been decided that "America The Beautiful" will be played, instead.

For years, the "Star Spangled Banner" has been under attack as a song that is difficult to sing, the words are hard to remember, the melody is taken from an old English drinking song.

What we may want to think about is that the song was written by an American prisoner of war, F. Scott Fitzgerald. He was aboard a British ship during the War of 1812 and he witnessed bravery on the part of the Americans.

It is a song about triumph against staggering odds. It is a song of optimism for the future as it asks the question of the flag's future of waving over the "...land of the free and the home of the brave."

I like the song. I like what it stands for.  It is unfortunate that war was necessary for our nation's survival.    I guess I wouldn't be a very good Mennonite.  


Anonymous said...

Francis Scott Key, wasn't it? You're starting to sound like Sarah Palin. Or is that Michele Bachmann?

General Tom said...

Yes! It was Francis Scott Key. Did you know that F. Scott Fitzgerald was named after Mr. Key? He was! Sorry, my mistake.

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann? The only thing that I have in common with these ladies is that none of us will ever be president.