S & P: We're Screwed!

Moe, Larry & Curly

The timing of this announcement "says something." Lately, I've noticed that when the U.S. Government has bad news for us, it will be announced at the beginning of the weekend. Do they think that we will forget about it on Monday? The problem is that some of us will! Many of us will never know or understand what happened to our country's credit rating. They are too busy making sure that their Iphones are fully charged.

Here it is: Since 1917, the USA has had a triple A credit rating. Translation: We paid our bills and if we needed to borrow money, we would get a low interest rate.

That's done, now. For the first time, EVER, our country's credit rating has been downgraded from AAA to AA+. What does this mean? It means that it will be more expensive to be as "in debt" as we are - INTEREST RATES WILL SOAR -- OUR NATIONAL DEBT SOARS! To pay for this, our taxes will go through the roof! Personally, I don't think that any tax increase can get us out of debt.

Blame? Both houses of Congress, our executive branch and ultimately us - for voting these bozo's into office.  The debt ceiling is too high!  The spending cuts were not deep enough!  S&P saw this, too bad the alcoholics in DC didn't.

Next time, we may want to vote for someone who tells us what we don't want to hear!?

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