After 42 years, Wendy's is tweaking their hamburger. In some respects, this is a bold move...except for the fact that business isn't so "hot" at Wendy's. As a matter of fact, business at the 6,600 restaurant chain has fallen off from a 14% share of the hamburger fast food business in 2002 to a  current level of 12.8%. Burger King fell from 17% to 13.3 % during the same period. McDonalds went from 41.6% to 49.5%.

Wendy's thinks that the answer is more cheese and a thicker beef patty with a buttered bun, red onions and crinkle cut pickles. They call it "Dave's Hot 'N Juicy" hamburger. I should point out that Wendy's founder, Dave Thomas passed on in 2002 and had sold his business years earlier. He continued to promote the chain after he was "retired."

My suggestion, use the best ingredients (better is better than more!), charge competitive prices, offer a healthy menu, hire literate people and, most important to me, keep the restrooms clean!

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