Hush, Hush Sweet Jeanine!

Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Pirro is fun to watch on TV. Well, she was fun to watch on her old syndicated TV show. The Judge Jeanine show was cancelled due to low ratings.
Well, Fox News Network has her on a new show, Justice with Judge Jeanine. I watched it twice, the second time because my wife is a Judge Jeanine fan.

This show is doomed and it's Jeanine's fault. For the entire show, she barks a question and before the interviewee can muster a cognitive thought, she continues her barking. Regardless of content, watching and listening to a woman bark is not what I want to see on my TV.

Also, when three people are talking at once, the viewer cannot understand what any of them is saying.  It's very irritating and a waste of airtime.

The woman is 60 years old. That's right. Looking at her picture, you might guess early 40s? My point is that they make a huge effort to make her look appealing and then they unleash a barking/yelling host. This may keep people from wanting to be guests on her show.

The show is on FOX News. She's acting like a fugitive from MSNBC.

Be a lady, Jeanine. You've got an intellect - this should be enough - wardrobe and makeup - we'll take that as a plus.

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