Sir Paul & #3 :"All You Need Is Love"

Today is October 9. Those of us in the radio biz would normally play a few extra John Lennon songs as this would have been his 71st birthday. It will also become another Beatle anniversary as Paul McCartney marries Nancy Shevell. The two have been seeing each other for four years. They became properly engaged in the spring.

This will be his third "I do," her second. The media says that Paul's family supports the union. Of Course, the media often gets it wrong, and families often mask their opinions and bloggers are often off base...a little.

Money? For the cynics among us, Nancy has "her own money." She helps her daddy operate a trucking/transportation corporation,  based in New Jersey. Her family's wealth rivals that of Paul's.

Age? He's 69, she's 51. (Do you see any gray hairs in the picture?) For the younger cynics among us who are wondering why General Tom is wasting time on this story, I'd like to point out that Paul McCartney and his partners were responsible for spreading tons of joy - during a difficult time. Aside from the gobs of money in his mattress, it only seems right that he should find happiness, love and companionship as he enters his golden years...

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