Monday Foto - Anne Lawfull

This post has been removed per the following request:

Hi General Tom!

I was hoping that you might be able to remove the following image and post from your site: I know the couple and whilst they realise they will always have photos out there they do try and get them removed where possible to reduce the chances of friends and family seeing them.

They had a bit of fun when they were younger and it keeps coming back to bite them in the ass. If you could help out that would be fantastic,



Anonymous said...

Anne Lawfull is a beautiful girl, she has my vote.
I've followed her since she was on Webshots.
She can paint my house anytime.

Anonymous said...

Were is it she now ?
Bella donna !!!

Anonymous said...

Found this site with some great photos of the beautiful Anne Lawfull

Anonymous said...

That would be my Aunt..kind of weird seeing stuff like this on the net....

Anonymous said...

The woman has to be the finest Butter-face I've seen in a decade!