R.I.P. Speedo

His friends called him "Speedo" but his real name was "Mr. Earl." Earl Carroll. He died on Sunday, in a nursing home, following a stroke and complications with diabetes. He was 75.

 Speedo was the front man for The Cadillacs, a Doo Wop/Soul group from the '50s. Their biggest hit was "Speedo" in 1955. They also had minor regional hits on the east coast. "Gloria" was one of those.

Speedo joined The Coasters in 1961. In 1990 he left to reform The Cadillacs. Along the way, he supported himself as a janitor at PS 87 in New York. The kids loved him. A childrens' book was written about him. The book helped to revive his career.

My hope is that this little story will introduce at least one person to the Doo Wop form of music of the '50s and to "Speedo." I love this stuff...The video is from the Clint Holmes Show - a locally produced TV show in New York City...enjoy...


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