Fortune Cookie Messages Lack Love

This is not a Wonton cookie
Man! Things are changing! For example, the world's largest fortune cookie maker is removing all reference to romance in it's fortune cookie messages.

This is because parents were complaining, according to Derrick Wong, Vice President at Wonton Food in Brooklyn, N.Y.

I saw the messages that are now excluded and I couldn't believe it! “The evening promises romantic interest.” What the hell's wrong with that? Is this too much for a kid to comprehend?  Can we stop with the whining?  This reminds me of the "Everybody gets a trophy" philosophy.  Little boys and girls don't win or lose....their games end in a tie!  Parents are weird.  You may want to prepare your kid for REAL LIFE?

Wong says that if he gets two or three complaints about a message, he will alter it or eliminate it altogether. The company uses roughly 5,000 different messages. Conventional wisdom says that it is best to keep the messages bland.

Thank you, parents.

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