White House Tours

White House
I n an effort to save money, someone in the government has decided to suspend White House tours for the public.

Instead of thinking about the money, let's think about the hidden message, here. If you are a taxpayer, this sends a troubling message. We are no longer permitted to visit (a portion of) the home of the person who is ultimately responsible for cutting the funding for us to do this. Ironic!

I visited the White House in 1968. While it was not a life changing experience, it's sad that our children and grandchildren will not be able to enjoy this little bit of national civic pride.

How about this?  You guys want to save some money?  Sell the place!  That's right, sell the place and lease a condo in Florida!  You can get a great deal...in this economy.  Also you may consider cutting down on those $7 million vacations...... 

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