Tunisian Rapper Gets 2 Year Sentence

Weld el 15 gets 2 years in the slammer
Weld EL 15 is on the run. He recorded a rap song where he called local Tunisian Police, "Dogs!"

Not really a good idea. You see, while he looks like a decent kid, he was sentenced, in absentia to two years in prison.

Rap music is not my thing. I must admit that it sounds slightly cool when voiced in a foreign language and the white girl, wearing a NY Yankee cap, in the background, making a variety of nasty gestures, is a nice touch.

What is at stake, here, is the principle of Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Expression. The local government is being led by Tunisia's moderate Islamist Ennahda party.

I have found that freedom to do anything is a wonderful thing. If you don't use common sense, if you publicly embarrass the powerful....then, as we say, within polite company, your feces is weak!

As a bonus, I have included the "music" video in question.  I suspect that it will be removed from YouTube soon, so enjoy it while you can!

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