Pat Summerall Dies at 82

Straight on!  Summerall kicks one through, November 12, 1961 at Yankee Stadium
Pat Summerall (l.) with John Madden
He was very easy to listen to. You know, it seemed like he knew every player on the field and the ones sitting on the bench, too. Pat Summerall was one of the best in the broadcast booth. He's famous for a long, successful broadcast career - mostly for NFL games, but also golf, tennis, basketball and basically whatever sporting event where the network needed a smooth play-by-play guy.

Summerall did his homework. When he opened his mouth he knew what he was talking about. Also, he played the game - so he really knew what he was talking about!

Most of us remember him as John Madden's straight man on FOX and, earlier, CBS. Summerall was an end who was also used as a placekicker. During his NFL career for the Chicago Cardinals, Detroit Lions and New York Giants, he kicked 100 field goals out of 212 attempts. He kicked 257 points after touchdown.
His real name was George. In the newspaper box score, it would read PAT Summerall. (Point after touchdown) The name stuck.
Below, we have his rookie card, as he was drafted in the fourth round by the Chicago Cardinals in 1952. He played for them for part of a season as he broke his arm and was dealt to the Lions. He finished his career with the Giants' I saw him play at Yankee Stadium in December of 1961.
Rookie card 1952
Summerall with the Giants


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