Buying Gas in Terre Haute

Thank you, Circle K!
Thursday, I needed gas. There's a gas station in Terre Haute which is a little different. Within a 48 hour period, the price of gas in this town went from $3.02 to $3.45 a gallon for regular 87 Octane Unleaded. Reason? Greed. That's right, greed, inspired by the Park County Covered Bridge Festival. This festival attracts well over a million people. People from this area (mostly women) will make the trip. It's a minor trip of less than 100 miles, but if you consider that these 100 mile trips are being made by people who don't drive (or use gas) much, this is HEAVEN for gas station owners. By the way, regular customers get sucked in at the same time when you spike gas prices! Good times!!

Well, there's this convenience store in Terre Haute, at Lafayette & Maple Avenues, that is a little different. They are a Circle K station selling Mobil gas. As the other guys went from $3.02 a gallon to $3.45, they drifted to $3.11.   I pulled in to buy some and noticed that my pump was running a little slow. Then came the announcement over their PA system, "Return your handles to the pump!" They were out of gas. We (8 customers) were told that the pumps were being reset so we could get Premium 93 Octane for the same price as Regular!

Cool beans!

You guys just found a new customer for life!


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