Ethan Couch
There's a 16 year old boy in Texas who got drunk last summer and got behind the wheel and killed four people. One of his passengers is still in the hospital with severe brain damage and 9 other people were injured at the scene. Ethan Couch's blood alcohol content was .24. Valium was also found in his system. He and his buds stole some alcohol from a local Wal Mart. Couch admitted to four counts of manslaughter. His daddy is very rich. Daddy hires some slick attorneys who say that young Ethan is a victim of his parents' wealth and that he has never been disciplined. His parents taught him wealth and privilege shield consequences. So the lawyers say that the thing to do is to send Ethan to a pricey therapy facility where he can get his head screwed on straight. In jail, he would never get the treatment that he needs! Sound like bullsh!t? Well, the Judge, Jean Boyd, agrees with the defense and lets the kid walk. He could have gotten 20 years!
Judge Jean Boyd

An expert wittness for the defense actually said that Ethan Couch was a victim of Affluenza!

Price for Ethan's treatment is said to be over $450,000. Daddy's paying.

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