Eli The Ape Likes Seattle

Eli likes Seattle in the Big Game!
F or the past two years, I have relied on Princess the camel at the Popcorn Zoo in Lacy Township, New Jersey to predict a Super Bowl winner. Princess was correct in 7 of her last 8 picks. This is a much better track record than our friends in Las Vegas! I am sad to report that Princess passed away two weeks ago. She was 27.

Following Princess' demise, a search was immediately started for a successor. I noticed that there was a 13 year old ape at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah named Eli. Eli has quietly picked the winner of the past six Super Bowl games. Thursday, Eli picked Seattle to win the game. Actually, he smashed a paper-mache helmet with the Seattle Seahawks' logo. So, there you have it, Eli has "spoken!"

Enjoy the game and we'll compare notes Sunday night!

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