Bihn Tag

I like the idea of this tactic, but the actual message doesn't make much sense. Ten years ago, Tom Bihn of Port Angeles, Washington put an unusual tag on the bags that he was producing. He made bags for laptop computers and backpacks. If you look at the picture, you'll see the typical instructions for proper care of their product, followed by, "NOUS SOMMES DESOLES QUE NOTRE PRESIDENT SOIT UN IDIOT. NOUS N'AVONS PAS VOTE POUR LUI." Translated to English, "We're sorry our president is an idiot. We didn't vote for him." This would be reference to George W. Bush. Not a good idea, boys and girls. Regardless of your political feelings, when you are in business, it's NEVER a good idea to broadcast your political preference. When you do, you alienate the people who don't agree with you politically. It's like throwing their patronage (and money) away. This way of thinking is not shared by many Hollywood actors and actresses, but....consider the source.

By the way, Bihn employees claim that they were referencing their own company president, not Mr. Bush. Yeah, another good idea. Publicly make fun of the guy who signs your paycheck.

Je pense que le monde entier est fou putain.

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