That Statue at Wellesley

"Sleepwalker"  by Tony Matelli
There's something weird going on at Wellesley College. Actually, I say it's weird - you may or may not agree. It's part of an art exhibition which is supposed to continue through early May. Sleepwalker is a statue by Tony Matelli. It was erected outside, on campus, exposed to the elements. Some of the girls at the all-women college say that the thing is creepy, so they started a petition to have it removed. I think it's stupid and maybe funny. Why would they put the thing outside?

Wellesley College is an exclusive all-women liberal arts college. Hillary Rodham Clinton is an alum. I think it's funny that so many well heeled hoity toity chicks are in an uproar over a statue of an untoned male sleepwalking across their campus in his undies. Splendid, on that level. 

Who OKed this?

I wonder what the rich girls' daddies are saying?

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