Super Hype Begins!

With only 11 shopping days left before the Super Bowl the super hype has reached the humbled confines of General Tom's world. It started with Tom Brady walking outside his girlfriend's apartment building with and without a walking cast on his right foot. Do You know what this means? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya? Three possibilities: 1. He has a mild high ankle sprain. This is what he says. 2. He is near death from terminal foot ailments. 3. He is in "psyche mode" in preparing for the big game. He's trying to make the Giants fans think that he's "damaged goods." I doubt that the Giants nor the 'Vegas odds makers would buy it, Tom.This one is Gisele While I'm at it and my computer is still turned on, too much has been made of Dallas QB Tony Romo folding in the pressence of his little girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, sitting in the stands or luxury box and watching boyfriend Romo lose to the Giants. Well, Tommy Brady has a moderately good looking girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen, and golly, General Tom happens to have a picture (or two) of her to share. That's Gisele on the left.
At the same time, young Eli has a girlfriend who has been promoted to fiance!This one is Abby
Yes, Abby McGrew. That would be her picture, on the left, below Gisele's. I added Abby's picture since I honestly think that the Giants are going to win the game - wherever Abby wants to watch the game from!
I also added it because this blog can use all the beauty that I can possibly find.

Giants by 2.

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