Bakery Refuses To Make Wedding Cakes For Anyone...after losing discrimination case...

Jack Phillips, Masterpiece Cakeshop, Lakewood, Colorado
There's a guy who owns a fancy bakery in Lakewood, Colorado. Jack Phillips calls his place Masterpiece Cakeshop. Jack says that he does not approve of same sex marriage and that he will not make a wedding cake for a same sex wedding. He says that the bible does not approve, either. For Jack, it's a religious thing. More important than Jack's religious belief is the refusal to serve a customer based on his sexual orientation. Jack lost a legal decision and he lost the appeal. He still never made the cake. During this time, Jack says his business actually grew!

Here's my point. I don't care what gay people do. I don't - until it affects my freedoms.

By the way, Jack Phillips no longer makes wedding cakes - for anyone - at all.
If you are gay, is this a victory? If you are straight, well, you can no longer buy a wedding cake from this guy.  Your freedom is being blocked.


Atoning Unifex said...
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Atoning Unifex said...

It's true. As much as I disagree with the cake shop owner's views, it is ridiculous that he cannot (for whatever reason) CHOOSE who he will or will not serve.

The real question is, if he chose not to make cakes for other people, would we still view it that way?

What if he refused to make a wedding cake for an interracial marriage? A chinese wedding?