Judge Alex Show Cancelled

Judge Alex Ferrer
Here's a shocker! I didn't see this coming, but I just found out that the Judge Alex syndicated TV show is in its final season!  It's been cancelled, or not renewed, or whatever you might want to say.  The fact is that the show ends in August. That makes 9 seasons for the show which is available for viewing over 97% of the U.S.A. Judge Alex Ferrer made the announcement, today, on his Facebook page. He said that this was NOT his decision - the producers made a decision to "move on."

I like the show. Part of what I like is that Alex is a former police officer, lawyer and Florida judge. The guy has worked his way up to where he is now. I like his sense of humor and I like it when he gets mad at the litigants.

Cool show. We DVR it and watch it in lieu of prime time trash.

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