McDonald's, "We ain't lovin' it."

Mickey Dee's Losing Business
Sales are down at McDonald’s, so is the customer count and profit. Business is slipping in the USA and in Japan, while it’s doing well in Britain, Russia and France. So….what’s wrong?  Why did the Golden Arches lose 1.6% of their sales in '13?  They still have their dollar menu. They’ve introduced new healthy menu items.

Having been a casual McDonald’s customer for more than half a century, they may want to ask me. There are many McDonald’s restaurants near me. What do I see? The menu choices are bigger than ever. Customers are easily confused by all of the changes. McDonald’s workers, also seem either confused or indifferent. “Can anybody get my order right?” The restaurants are not as clean as they should be. Some of them are trashy. The help….. McDonald’s biggest problem (to me) is their workers. Some of them are excellent, but most are useless, rude, slow, uncaring and dumb. How did these people get hired? I realize that I am not going in for brain surgery when I enter a McDonald,s. A cheerful greeting would help. You know, “Good morning, sir! How may I help you, today?” Service with a smile and a heartfelt “Thank you!” would be nice. I think that people (customers) like to be treated nicely. Is this a breakthrough? You may quote me, “People like to be treated nicely!” They like it so much that they will return for more.

So sweep the floor, wash the windows, clean the restrooms, hire people who can count change and can focus on getting the order right and at the end, say, “Thank you.”

It’s not the food….it’s the entire experience.

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