Marius the Giraffe

Marius the giraffe
At first, I thought that this was a fake story. You know, like something that you'd see in a cheap supermarket tabloid, or like something in The Onion.

Well, apparently, it happened.

There was an 18 month old male giraffe named Marius, living at the Copenhagen Zoo. He was killed with a "bolt gun." His autopsy was performed outdoors in front of the public, including children. The giraffe's "meat" was fed to the zoo's lions and tigers. 

Why, you ask? Apparently Marius was genetically "weak" with DNA that was too common with the girl giraffes. Zoos have rules about this kind of thing. Copenhagen Zoo is part of an international group that has lots and lots of rules about breeding animals. They seem to be concerned about inbred animals. Officials at Copenhagen Zoo seemed to have all the answers. They said that contraception would have adverse effects on the giraffe's internal organs. If they neutered Marius, he would just be "taking up space." Giraffes mate easily and he was a "surplus giraffe."  They don't have room for him. They have a policy against selling animals, especially to a place that does not follow their international breeding guidelines.

Marius was killed with a bolt gun. There was concern that lethal injection would contaminate his 400+ pounds of meat which was designated for his neighboring lions and tigers.

I did not add this story to shock you nor to make you sick. My reason for adding this is to show you what happens when "cruel" and "stupid" combine and a healthy young animal is murdered in the name of "following the rules" and saving a few euros.

Marius' autopsy

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