Monday Foto - Emma Glover

Emma Glover

Welcome to Monday! We begin the work week with a cute little number from England named Emma Glover. Emma is a 26 year old model. She has her own web site and is quite active on Twitter. Her site, is NSFW as it contains some nudity.  This may cause some distraction in the workplace.  That's OK.  I should point out that Emma is all natural with God-given assets from head to toe.

Emma shouldn't be confused with another pretty model named Louise Glover and certainly not Herb Glover who I am certain is not related to either lady.

I chose to include two pictures of Emma. In the top picture, for some reason, Emma is posing with a fully automatic weapon and wearing a slightly modified military uniform.  In the second photo, Emma recognized a suitable camera shot.  In either case, click the image to see a larger version.

Have a great week!

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