Cam Newton, a new daddy

Becoming a parent is something special. Becoming a parent for the first time is especially special.

Kia (Hazel) Proctor and Cam Newton with Kia Proctor
So, with this in mind, we congratulate National Football League quarterback  Cam Newton and his girlfriend, Kia Proctor on the birth of their son. Yes, folks, being rich and famous has its advantages. How rich is rich? $22 million a year should cover it. While most of us will never grasp the concept of the hurricane of bucks sweeping through his financial landscape, we will immitate him as much as possible. This story has been reported as "Cam Newton and his long time girlfriend, Kia Proctor...." Long time? Less than two years is a long time? Maybe to a multi-million dollar quarterback and to a stripper.

 Look folks, who really cares? Why am I bothering to write about this?

 Here's why. The message is being sent and is being etched into our culture, today and every day. It's OK, guys, to run around and knock up your girlfriend of any girl who has trouble keeping her knees together! If you're an obscenely overpaid professional athlete, it'll work out! If you're a non-skilled out-of-work nobody, social services will pick up the tab and you'll be free to, eh, continue.

 I've included a picture of the proud parents. It's not a recent picture...but it's less than two years old.

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