Vikings stopped cold!

The Vikings' coldest game - ever, aired on NBC
Was it too cold for football, Sunday in Minnesota? Apparently it wasn't too cold for Seattle as they met up with Minnesota for their Wild Card Playoff Game.  Of course it's not too cold for football!  It IS too cold for me to sit in -6 degree weather to watch ANYTHING!  Today's game is the third coldest in NFL history.  The coldest was on January 31, 1967 with Dallas at Green Bay for the NFL Championship.  It was -13 at kickoff.  The second coldest was on January 10, 1982 with San Diego playing at Cincinnati.  They marked the mercury at -9F.  The NFL does not use wind chill factors.

The air temperature, today in Minnesota was -6 with a wind chill of -25.

You can blame the weather if you want, but Minnesota blew a 9-0 lead and lost the game, 10-9 with a missed, last second 27 yard field goal attempt from Blair Walsh.

You won't hear the TV people nor the players complain about the cold temps.  Money.

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