Solution to Illinois' Money Woes

The State of Illinois is broke.  On paper, it has no money.   We have had no state budget for more consecutive days than any other state in the entire history of the USA.  Things are so bad that the state has not paid their local utility bill.  Their electricity & water have been cut off & the local Interstate Rest Stop had to close.
That's right, in Illinois we can't afford to keep our rest stops open!
As you may have suspected, I have the solution:
Do not pay our state representatives until they pass a budget! 
No money, no paychecks, no expense accounts, no per diems, nada.  Personally, I work largely on commission.  If I don't sell anything, I don't make any money.  If this goes on too long, my ass is on the street.
Do your job, guys.  If any of you get re-elected it'll be a miracle.

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