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So my wife and I recently leased a brand new Chevrolet Malibu.  LEASED not bought.  She drives less than 12,000 miles a year.  It would have been stupid to buy the car.  I know, it's difficult to convince macho pin heads, but economically, a lease is much better.
Chevrolet e-mailed me a Customer Satisifaction Survey.
These things are important to the salesman and to the dealership.  A poor Customer Satisfaction Index can make life miserable for the dealer.
The dealer sees your completed survey and knows it was from you!  
A miserable dealer will probably not give you the service that you want.
I did the right thing.

Here's a suggestion for Chevrolet.  Since the survey was e-mailed to me, I could have easily deleted it as spam.  If they are serious about wanting to get and learn from these surveys, they should award a prize.  Maybe $20,000 to a random surveyed person.  It's not gambling because it is costing the customer nothing to become elegible.

It works for Powerball.  Powerball is hughly sussessful and they don't make any product at all.  They run a legal interstate lottery. It's legal gambling.  It's like when a person opens a store and doesn't sell anything, but takes people's money and every now and then, gives some of it back.  Powerball is very good at making us look forward to giving them our money.

When I was a kid, there was no Powerball.  There was "The Number."  If you wanted to, you could "Play The Number."  Usually it cost $1 per day.  I have heard of old ladies playing for a quarter or a dime - but their payout would have been smaller.  Where I lived, "The Number" was played 7 days-a-week and would be 3 digets.  Your odds of winning would be 999 to one.  The prize was usually $500 cash - no taxes.  A "runner" would take your number and your money and would deliver your winnings.  Proper ettiquette would be to tip the runner when you won.

Yes, the good old days weren't always good.  This wasn't bad.

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