The Price Of Air

If you are young, this probably won't make a lot of sense.

The other day, I needed to put some air in one of my car's tires.   Just one tire and just a few pounds of air pressure.  That's all I needed!  

I've become accustomed to air pressure machines that accept money.  This one accepts a minimum of four quarters for four minutes of air.  It is automatically set to 32 PSI with the option of adjusting the pressure.  If you use a credit card, you get more than four minutes.

You are using your credit card to purchase AIR.

Society has come a long way!

I did buy the air for a dollar, cash.
I don't feel that it's right, but I did it anyway.

It seems like our quality of life is being eroded - as business continues to find new ways to take our dollar at a time.

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