Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Super Bowl L
Super Bowl 50 begins in about 3 hours. I decided to make my prediction at the last minute. Before I do, I should ask why this year's game is called Super Bowl 50 and not Super Bowl L? For 49 years we've been refering to thse games with a roman numeral. I realize that this causes a problem for the intelligent challanged among us. Perhaps the NFL is catering to the low IQ fans by turning the L into 50.  Also, in sports L is an abbreviation for loss.  Whatever.  I see it as dumbing-down one of our great sports institutions.

Now, to my prediction.  Carolina!  I'd rather see the Broncos win, but I don't think that Peyton Manning can beat Cam Newton.  Manning will be better prepared than Newton, but PM's got a history of losing the BIG ONE.  Sure, he won the Super Bowl the rain.  He's a great quarterback.  He  will probably be regarded as a much better quarterback than Cam Newton - but not today.  I believe that DEFENSE wins games and that the Broncos have one of the best defenses in the NFL,  It won't be enough.

Panthers by at least 10 points.

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