Academy Awards Boycott?

This is not the least bit interesting to me. Maybe THAT's the interesting thing about it. Certain Hollywood actors and actresses of ethnic minority ancestry are upset that none of the major nominations include people of ethnic minority ancestry. 

They want to boycott the evening.


You do what you feel you need to do. Scream as loud as you can! Also, be sure to call as much attention to yourself as possible. Grab all the free publicity that you can! Who knows, maybe all of this attention will revive your careers and make you some BIG money.

Please don't tell me or the rest of us to boycott the Oscars. I wasn't going to watch, anyway. It's not relevant to any way. DO NOT tell me what I should or should not do. If you are unhappy with things, do something positive to change things...or get a different job.

I  should also point out that this year's Academy Awards Telecast is being hosted by a person of ethnic minority ancestry.

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