That's right, it's SNOW. People in the northeast portions of the USA, you were warned about this coming. Did you prepare for it? Did you make alternate plans? Many of you did, but when I see a TV report about a grown person who complains about the effects of the recent blizzard --- I turn the TV off! Sure, there may be structural damage due to the blizzard - that can't be predicted, but to see a family stranded on the Interstate highway complaining about being stuck with no food, bathroom facilities, etc, etc.  What the hell did you expect?  Put the damn video game down and watch the damn weather.

Of course, where I live, the local weather people are drama queens.  The mention of snow excites them to the point of orgasmic measures.  (I'm not kidding)  They ALWAYS predict (with glee in their eyes) more than what we get.

In the case of our recent blizzard, credible national sources were screaming about this for days.  It's not the first time that snow has fallen.  It's not the greatest snowfall, ever.  Just give me the facts, I'll stock up on bread & milk and then you can move on to the sports report......

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