Clinton - Trump Debate - Who Won?

Who won the Clinton - Trump Debate? I call it the Clinton - Trump Debate because I'm going alphabetical. I'd rather not call it a presidential debate because neither was acting very presidential. They should probably both be in jail.

 So, who won? It doesn't matter much because they present themselves as being so politically different from one another, that no rational American would or should change their opinion of them based on what was referred to as a debate.

 I can tell you who lost. Lester Holt (the moderator) lost. It was his job to come up with the questions. He avoided certain "questions" - doing what the mainstream media always does.  He was clearly favoring Mrs. Clinton and disfavoring Mr. Trump.  Not very professional, Les, if you ask me.  Unless we are all stupid, it's no big deal. We could easily see what he was doing.

I won't be watching NBC Nightly News anymore. But that's OK, NBC - I don't have a Neilsen Box on my TV.

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