NFL Picks : Week 1, 2016

This should be interesting. More than usual, I don't have a clue about how week one is going to turn out. You'll notice that I am being honest about the Carolina - Denver game. Defense is important and occasionally, you must consider the dumbass factor.

Regardless of the dumbass factor, I am still picking San Francisco (at home) to beat the Rams. They are playing the second of two Monday Night games. It'll be on so late that anyone with a regular job won't be able to watch.

Here are my picks....

CAROLINA at denver

tampa bay at ATLANTA
buffalo at BALTIMORE
chicago at HOUSTON
GREEN BAY at jacksonville
san diego at KANSAS CITY
oakland at NEW ORLEANS
cincinnati at JETS
cleveland at PHILADELPHIA
MINNESOTA at tennessee

miami at SEATTLE
giants at DALLAS

new england at ARIZONA

PITTSBURGH at washington
los angeles at SAN FRANCISCO

Actual Winner
This week's record  9 & 7
Season to date  9 & 7

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