Ted Cruz Comes To Town

Ted Cruz               Photo by General Tom
Less than twenty miles east of where I live is a larger city of about 50,000 people. Ted Cruz came by, today to visit for a campaign rally. It was announced less than a week ago. The Indiana primary is coming up in a couple of weeks, so his visit isn't much of a shock. As we get closer to the primary, you can expect him and the other candidates to speak in larger cities. He was scheduled to speak at 2:20pm in the auditorium of a middle school. Of the two local TV stations, only one sent a reporter...and he showed up at 2:50.....for a 2:30 rally. The reporter later bragged on Twitter that he was the only local media representative to speak with Cruz. (He was wrong - the other guys spoke with Cruz, outside the building.) So, not being a "political" guy, I went there out of curiousity.  There were no demonstrations.  Security was modest.  Everything was neat and tidy.  Cruz started speaking at about 3 and finished at about 3:20.  Nice little talk, as he pretty much "spoke to the choir."

Like I said, it was a nice little talk.  If he started on time, it would have been better.  Yes, I know he traveled - so did I and I was 20 minutes early.....and I don't have a staff to help me out.

Like I said, I'm not a political guy - if this had happened during the NFL season, I would've stayed home.

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