Shortcomings Revealed On Career Day


I heard about this on the Bob and Tom Show. A student at Webster University in suburban St. Louis exposed himself during a Career Day event at the school. He says that it was an experiment meant to assess cultural taboos in society involving awkwardness around the human body. What's next? An experiment to see if water freezes below 32 degrees? Please notice that I am not mentioning this genius' name. This is out of respect for his parents. Wait a minute, they raised him! His name is Misha Sulpovar, a native of Ukraine, raised in Ohio, an art and religious studies major at Webster. How proud his mommy and daddy must be! His stunt has left him in hot water with the University and with the locals where he was issued three summonses to appear in court on Dec. 14: one for the charge of indecent exposure and the other two for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana. You in a heap o'trouble, boy. Maybe they'll give you some playing cards, 'cause you obviously aren't playing with a full deck.

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