Conan's Tonight Farewell, Tonight

He's not exactly my "cup of tea." A little bit of Conan O'Brien goes a long way for me. However, I will be taping tonight's show and portions of it will be all over You Tube in the morning.
The thing is, well I've seen this happen on a much smaller level, the thing's not right! It's not right, because the future of the Tonight Show is being derailed by the past. It's not right because Conan was given a job to do and promises have been broken. It's not right to say that $45 million will justify these things that are not right. It's not right that Jay Leno, after failing in prime time, should be awarded with the "Tonight Show." This is a bonehead move on a par with Coca Cola's New Coke introduction. Dumb Dumb Dumb.

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