Time Change - Daylight Savings Time

Moving the clock ahead one hour every spring is a relatively new concept for people in Indiana. We hate it. Until recently we remained on Eastern Standard Time all year. This put us on "Chicago Time" in the summer and on "New York Time" in the winter. This was fine for people who had no dealings with other Americans outside of Indiana.

Hoosiers are now in-step with the rest of the country and at 2AM Sunday we officially move to Eastern Daylight Time by turning our clocks foward one hour. We still hate it. My beef is that we have no business being on NY Time. We should be on Chicago Time. Does anybody around here have a map? My other beef is that we lose an hour on the weekend. WHY CAN'T WE TURN OUR CLOCKS AHEAD AT 4PM ON MONDAY? This would do much to make Daylight Savings Time a welcomed event...even in Indiana.

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