I-Phone Armed Robbery

Jerome Taylor
I think that society is getting dumber and dumber.
Take the case of 20 year old Jerome Taylor. This Jerome Taylor is not to be confused with the famous cricket player.
The Jerome Taylor in our little story claims to be a 20 year old baby daddy and says he owns an I-phone.
He "makes the news" by attempting to rob an Indian Restaurant in New London, Connecticut, last Wednesday, at 4:30 PM. Jerome was wearing a mask as he waved a weapon and demanded cash. Meanwhile, the restaurant's cooks were preparing dinner and came at him with knives. Jerome, seeing the knives, stopped and apologized, said that he needed money to feed his kid, and then, ran. When cops caught Jerome, he said that he didn't have a gun, he was using his I-Phone.

A couple of things, here, Jerome...why would you try to rob a restaurant before dinner? Wouldn't you do better after dinner, when the place had some money?

Also, if you can afford an I-phone, you should be able to feed your own child.

The restaurant staff insisted that no charges be pressed because they felt bad for Jerome. He was, however, charged with attempted robbery and interfering with an officer.

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