Monday Foto - Tanya Song

Let's start the week with a to speak. This is Tanya Song. God was very good to this young lady!

Click the picture to get the full effect and have a great week!

UPDATE:   Blogger has removed Tanya Song's picture from this page.  This is probably at the request of somebody claiming to hold rights to the picture.  Shame.  She's a good looking number.  I could easily put up another picture of her, but why should I bother?  Tanya is attractive but she's not the last hot babe on earth.  This site has a multitude of great looking women.  Find them by entering "foto" in the search box at the upper right of this page.

So, Tanya, babe, as your figure fades, this is one less site carrying a picture of you in your prime.... at your direction.   


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