2011 Bloggie Awards

Tonight, we have the Golden Globe Awards. We will also have the People's Choice Awards, the SAG Awards, Grammys, Academy Awards, etc, etc. I don't watch any of these shows. The contestants are irrelevant to me. All of them are millionaires, competing among each other to become more marketable and popular.

Enough of that. This brings me to the subject of this post. There is such a thing as an award for blogs! You know, like the one that you are reading, right now! For some reason, I find this interesting!

Anyone can nominate any blog (weblog) for a Bloggie. The nomination deadline is one hour from now! Here's a link to the site. I'm not sure if there is an actual trophy or money or certificate of appreciation going to the winner.

It really doesn't matter. The fact that you (and others) are visiting this blog makes me a winner. You see, I don't need a Bloggie, loyal visitors are more important, to me!

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