Fisher Done In Tennessee

Coach Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher
Less than a month after Tennessee Titans' owner Bud Adams swore his support to his head coach, Jeff Fisher, he cans him! I had heard that Adams was a gavone... but saying that is an injustice to all gavones, around the world! As a casual NFL fan, I am certain that Adams will never find a smarter head coach for his team. I am also certain that Bud Adams will never win a Super Bowl. I say this because, with his decision to fire Fisher, the man has shown himself to be a loser, or lunatic. (Probably both.)

Fisher had been the Titans' head coach for 16 straight years. That's longer than any other current head coach. Fisher has coached more NFL games for one franchise than all but six Hall of Famers: George Halas, Tom Landry, Don Shula, Chuck Noll, Curly Lambeau and Bud Grant. He ranks third among active coaches in career wins with a record of 147-126, behind only Bill Belichick (176) and Mike Shanahan (160), and he is 20th all-time in coaching victories.

"On paper" or on the field, Jeff Fisher should be the Titans' head coach. He has one season remaining on his contract. If he can avoid all of the tempting job offers which are sure to follow, he might be enjoying a real nice paid vacation...

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