NY Garbage Saves A Life

New York City has been going through some tough times. First, they got hit with a huge snowfall on Christmas weekend. This was a well reported problem concerning an alleged slow-down by union city workers in honor of 400 brothers who were laid off.

In New York City, snow plows are mounted on garbage trucks. Kinda nifty, eh? Well, in some areas, the garbage hasn't been picked up in a week!

This weekend on Manhattan's west side a guy in his 30's decides to "end it all" and do a swan dive from nine stories.

He lands on a pile of garbage and lives. If you look closely at the picture, courtesy of the N.Y. Post/Gregory P. Mango, you'll see some garbage bags piled to the right of the silver car. Also, not that the snow has melted.

Stories like this cause me to miss New York.

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