New Faces On CBS Early Show

Visiting the CBS Early Show web site, you would think that the world was coming to an end!

Starting tomorrow, January 3, four new faces will be on the screen. The reason for the change was low ratings. When I say low ratings, I mean that CBS, "America's Most Watched Network" historically has never seemed to get it right in the morning.

I can't review the new crew, yet, because I haven't seen them, yet. Here's the line-up, Jeff Glor, Erica Hill, Chris Wragge and Marysol Castro.

Miss Castro is an acquaintance of mine. A real real person and smart and, know...not hard to look at. I'd watch her, on TV, reading the phone book!

I know from personal experience that starting a new shift in broadcasting can be difficult. Starting a new shift while replacing a crew that has had a strong cult following can be impossible!

Unlike "yours truly," the new group is young, bright and handsome...they'll do OK...

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