Olbermann Out At MSNBC

Keith Olbermann

This may be a shock to some of us. However, to most of us, it's no big deal. Keith Olbermann's contract ran out at MSNBC...and so did his show. For those of us who never or seldom watched his show, it, shall we say, leaned slightly to the liberal left of center.

Here's the MSNBC explanation: "MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of Countdown with Keith Olbermann will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC's success and we wish him well in his future endeavors."

Really? Thanking Olbermann for his integral role in MSNBC's success??? If this is true, wouldn't they keep him on the air and maybe, even give him some more money???

In a nutshell: Bad ratings will get you fired...every time!

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