Theft Suspect Found Via Facebook

This is a weird story on several levels. It involves a car wash, a TV in a men's room, suspected heroin use and Facebook.

The Prestige Car Wash in Taunton, MA is a modern facility where you can buy gas, get your car washed and detailed and you can even watch TV in the restrooms! That is until a TV was stolen from the men's room. The manager at Prestige thought she knew what happened. She had a credit card receipt and surveillance video of 20 year old Tyler Hurst. Police were called and the car wash manager turned to Facebook to find the suspect. Sure 'nuff, he was there. She sent him a friend request, was accepted and told Tyler that she knew that he stole the TV and that she wants it back. He unfriended her and did not return the TV. He was arrested and has a pretrial hearing on February 14.

It gets weirder! Tyler was with his cousin, that night - Michael, from Maine. Police contacted Michael's mother who said that her son comes to Taunton to buy the drug heroin. “Michael comes to Taunton to purchase heroin,” adding that her son makes Hurst drive his vehicle to pick up the drug.

We should nominate her for "Parent Of The Year!"

Prestige Car Wash has yet to recover their 27" Samsung Flat screen.

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