QVC Bumps Hanoi Jane

"Hanoi Jane" Fonda
Jane Fonda was scheduled to appear today on QVC to "introduce" her new book. A flood of complaints forced QVC to make a "scheduling change." Fonda's book plugging was dumped. The washed up actress was pissed.

Obviously she underestimates the memory of the American public.  Four decades have passed since she posed for pictures with the North Vietnamese military. The adjoining picture shows Lady Jane laughing it up with the enemy at an anti aircraft gun. This would be only a few hundred yards from the Hanoi Hilton where American POWs were being tortured. For those of you who may not remember or who were not yet born, Fonda's actions and words were hurtful to the American war effort. They enabled strategies to change and for American lives to be lost. Public opinion of the Vietnam war effort was divided further by Fonda.

Unlike today, being a member of the American Military was not necessarily a respected image. You can compound the soldiers' misery when you consider that many of us were drafted.

Her actions were that of a traitor. You see, even back then, pretty white American girls were able to get away with anything...even treason!

I hope nobody buys her damn book.

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