Old Style Leaving Wrigley Field

Old Style Beer is seeking to end it's 61 year association with Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. This will likely happen at the end of the 2011 season. Coors Lite is the possible replacement.

This doesn't directly affect me as I live far enough away from Wrigley Field that I may see a single game every couple of years. What I see with the beer thing is that a smaller, local/regional beer is being replaced by a nationally produced LITE beer. That's right, the big guys get bigger and the public continues to pay a premium for beer at the ballpark and, in 2012, for the watered down lite version.

The theme at Wrigley continues: Bad Baseball  >>>> Bad Beer.

I should explain. Bad baseball = no championship in 102+ years.
Bad beer = watered down national brand replacing traditional regular beer.

I should point out that Old Style is leaving Wrigley to spend money on promoting Old Style LITE!

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