Olympic Pee-er Gets Dumped

Robert "Sandy" Vietze, the 18 year old skier from Warren, Vermont has been booted from the U.S. Ski team.

You may remember that 18 year old Vietze was arrested for urinating on a sleeping 11 year old girl, on a Jet Blue flight from Portland, Oregon to New York City.

Vietze says that he had 8 drinks before boarding the plane. Following his performance, the 6 foot 5 inch, 195 pound preppy pee-er was detained by police at JFK, early Wednesday. Preliminary charges of exposing himself in public were dropped!

That was on Wednesday. Two days later, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association Executive Vice President of Athletics Luke Bodensteiner emailed a statement to The Associated Press, saying that Vietze had been dismissed from the team for conduct violations.

Vietze was among the 75 most elite skiers in the nation -- until things went downhill... 

His name was bumped from the team's developmental roster on Thursday.

The leaky loser expressed no remorse Thursday outside his family's palatial Vermont home, where he ignored questions about the incident and showed no interest in apologizing to his victim.

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