Soros Sued By Spurned Ex

George & Adriana during happier times.

George Soros is a billionaire businessman. If you listen to Glen Beck, then you know who Soros is. Well, anyway, the 80 year old Soros has a 28 year old ex-girlfriend, a Brazilian Soap Opera Star, named Adriana Ferreyr. The two had been an "on again/off again" item for about 5 years. Let's see, 5 years ago, old George was 75 and Adriana was 23....

Soros, whose net worth is estimated at $14.5 billion, promised Adriana a $1.9 million apartment, on the upper east side of Manhattan. Instead of giving her the apartment, he gave it to another woman!

To make up for this, Soros promised Adriana a larger apartment. He later backed out and bingo! Adriana brings on a $50 million lawsuit!

You've gotta wonder if this guy is really smart enough to be as rich as he is. Didn't Howard Hughes teach is anything?

This is why, as I remember when I was single, I aggressively avoided all contact with Brazilian Soap Opera Stars!

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