Gumby Bandit Turns Himself In

Thas been reported as an odd story. While I agree that it is odd, I see no humor in it.

On September 5th, a guy dressed in a Gumby costume tried to hold up a 7-Eleven store. "Gumby" said that he was armed, still, the clerk thought it was a joke andlaughed in his face!  "Gumby" left the store with no loot.

After a little more than a week, "Gumby" turned himself in to authorities. Jacob Kiss, 19, told police in San Diego that he is the person who dressed as the green animated character Gumby. He brought the full-body Gumby costume with him to police headquarters and was accompanied by an alleged cohort named Jason Giramma, 19, who apparently drove away from the store with Kiss that day.

Attempted ARMED ROBBERY is no joke. People (the clerk or bystanders) could have easily been killed. If I were the judge, I would seek expert opinion to see if Kiss is sick, or just plain stupid.

Sick? Get him help.

Stupid? Lock him up. I don't think it would take much more than ten years for this idiot to wise up.

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