Chaz Bono Hype

Chaz Bono
This Monday, September 19th, Dancing With The Stars begins its new season on ABC-TV. The show is famous for bring hype to new heights. This year they have really outdone themselves. They signed Chaz Bono to dance. First, is Chaz a star? Probably. He's the offspring of Sonny & Cher Bono. He is an author, musician, producer, etc. The controversy is that Chaz was born, 42 years ago, as a female. Chaz is in the final stages of becoming a man. Some people don't think that a responsible network should showcase a trans gender person. There is some anger, here. Remedy is simple: Don't watch the show and don't allow your kids to watch, either.

If this is a non-issue, watch or don't watch as you will.

My thoughts? (Yawn) Please consider that I grew up watching "Father Knows Best" and "The Donna Reed Show." Dancing With The Stars is doing a masterful job of hyping their show. Really! They should get some recognition for making a potentially boring program exciting. Using a somewhat famous trans gender figure to get ratings?

Damn, TV sure has come a long way!

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